Hello again,

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.35.01 PMAnother NGO we have just started conversing with is the  Plant A Tree foundation. They’re a British NGO that help plants trees around the world, and education the youth of many countries about the problems and the solutions to deforestation of our much-loved travel destinations, such as India, Sri Lanka & Thailand.

To begin with, to show how easy and inexpensive it can be, we planted just one tree. For about $10. One tree helps, sharing the idea helps even more.

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We have a few more ideas that we are hoping to get up and running blogo-patt-headut in the meantime, while we are still getting going and  we thought we’d just share this in the hope to first raise awareness, and secondly maybe someone out there will also plant a tree too.

It should go without saying, but I am doing it anyway, that while it’s only one little tree, but imagine if one traveller to Thailand in the next 12 months planted just one tree, think of all the awareness, education and trees that adds to the environmental economy.

it really is easier to give back, before, during or after your trip.

To get to the Plant a Tree Foundation go here.

Right now we are spending our own cash, which isn’t much, but to help keep giving little, or lots to tangible outcomes that help us continue to travel to great places, we have set up a travel shop.

It’s basically a portal for anyone to use to take you to your favourite booking sites (ie. Expedia, Tripadvisor). Any little bit of (100%) commission we get back from them we then plant a tree or adopt a whale, or many more examples still to come.
Little things can make big differences.

Thanks for your time.

David Shekleton.