We believe in making it easier for all travellers to give back.

So we set up a little affiliate system where you can find some of your favourite travel service sites.

Its simple.

If you make your way to, for example,, through the menu in our website and book anything, we may receive a commission. You can find these services In the menu above.  They are a handful companies we have always used to get off and away, which is why we can recommend using them.

By using these links to access these sites, we may earn some commission. This is commission that would otherwise go elsewhere or be kept by the travel services themselves.

The commissions aren’t much, however, when you consider that 1.4 billion travellers travelled in 2015 I am certain that with enough of us we can help give back a little at a time.

100% of the commision goes directly to charity. The money goes direct to the charity and the by product raises awareness for issues that often allude us as we travel around the world.

For instance, we just adopted a Whale Shark from the Marine Megafauna Foundation, or Project AK-47, Or the Patt Foundation. And so far so good.

So next time you’re thinking about getting away, or keeping-on-traveling please think about the using our links to begin your trip. More makes merry.

Remember 100% of any commission from any of these travel service providers goes directly to charity. If you make a purchase via this site and would like the commission to go charity of your choosing please get in touch and we’ll happily share it and put you on our honour roll.

If you have any questions please email us at – we are quite happy to be as transparent as need be to ensure you can be comfortable that what we say will happen will happen.

Thanks for helping make more merry, globally.


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