Welcome to the New Year,

This is a short and sweet post to “plug”, for free, because I got it for ‘free’ as one of the great gifts I picked up over Christmas.

It’s a phone charger, that’s also an incredible LED torch, that also charges via solar panels on its back, and even if there’s no sun, well you can charge it from USB too.

So far, and I’ve given it a good run out and about, especially down at the beach, its kept my iPhone going all day.

It’s also helped me find the phone when I’ve lost (misplaced) it stumbling around in the dark.


From Waka-Waka:

“The WakaWaka Power+ is a durable, lightweight and compact solar charger that is capable of charging virtually any smartphone or small electronic device within just a few hours and providing up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light.”


The best bit is:
Buy a WakaWaka and you get to send one to someone living through a humanitarian crisis. Survivors of natural disasters in Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines; families displaced by war and strife; and many others can tap into the power of the sun for light and power through the same WakaWaka design and quality.


After opening mine up a passing the one-off code from the packet I went to http://waka-waka.com/give and donated a WAKA-WAKA to someone in Nigeria

Last by not least the packaging contains no plastic πŸ™‚

Great idea, great product, an awesome outcome for everyone.

You can pick one up here




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