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Actually, it’s just me. Here in Melbourne, Australia.

However, I do tend to use the term ‘Us’ or ‘We’ because, ‘this’ isn’t really about me. It’s collaborative. It has to be. This is about us: Travellers

I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled all-round my home country, Australia. I’ve also been extremely fortunate to have made numerous trips all over the world backpacking for short and long periods of time over the past 25 years. So I can tell you, not that you need to be told, thatΒ it’s getting messy out there.

So yes, there are some issues.

However,Β to simplify the task of saving the world, I have simply chosen to tackle ‘travel’ πŸ˜‰

What dawned on me in 2009 as I moved around and around was that not only are we a good light year away from the concept of ‘sustainable tourism’ but that we are also going backwards. Though mind you, not for the lack of trying. I take my hat off to all those out there who have remained and loved while I and others ‘loved and left’.

I would like to honor every Charity, NGO or Business that is actually trying to add value to the places that we ‘love and
leave’; these people are fighting an ever increasing battle against those seeking to sell every inch of land, ocean and sky back to us at even cheaper and cheaper prices.

The problem is we demand it. We demand cheaper tickets, with more value. The more value we demand the more compromised the offering, and the less in the end we inevitably get.

‘Get it, get in, see it, while stocks last!’Β 

The travel industry has become aΒ ‘fire sale’ of the earth. There are no lines. There are no storefronts. It is a frenzy. We take value out of destinations, and not just the memories.

I want to make it easier for us to be able to give back. I want us to be able to see who is adding value and where. It would be great if all of us could ensure that all travel destinations are left in the same, if not better condition, than we found it, be it its culture, environment, or economy

So for now, if we can’t give money, we can at least give our time to share our knowledge to change the way we all view world travel.

If you have some value to add, please share.

So lets quickly get down to some nuts and bolts.

This site, ‘a hobby’ you could call it, has been setup up primarily assist in changing the current tourism marketing paradigm that has the myopic and tunnel-visioned view, that demands ‘more value’ while the world is ‘On Sale’.

Right now, the currency at MOREMAKESMERRY.COM is information. And I think, given this internet thing, that’s a pretty cheap, easy and relative currency. I may have had the idea for MMM and created this website, but it’s not for me, it about some greater more serious issues with the way we now travel.Β (more on that here)

MORE MAKES MERRY is, however, a registered Australian Business foremost for ensuring its legitimacy.

David Shekleton