No one travels to be alone. Just as no one ‘helps’ just to help them-self.
The future of world travel is as much about the Karma as it is the Carbon. What you get of travelling will be as much as you can put in.
We believe now is a great time, and a necessity for all travellers to play a part.
Whether you’re a traveller, a blogger, a charity or a business, it’s easy to play a part – large or small.
It’s no longer just about time & money; it’s also about awareness, will and community.
Three’s no crowd. The more the merrier.
What is MORE MAKES MERRY about?
The premise of MORE MAKES MERRY is in its name – The more, the merrier.
There are over 1 billion travellers now each year. That’s a lot of planes, trains and automobiles; not to mention plastic bags.
The more travellers, the greater impact we have – economic, environmental and cultural.
So how can we say, ‘the more, the merrier’ when the growing number of travellers will continue to have a negative impact on the world around us?
We believe that the more travellers that find ways to learn, share, give and act, the better world travel will be.
More does make ‘Merry’.
If a little is done by the many, less will have to be done by the few. The good news is, you don’t need to give anything, we are not after your money or time. Everything we need is already here.
We don’t believe in creating another NGO or Charity. We think there are enough of those already. We think that those who are already out there ‘doing good’ need more awareness, support and funding to keep doing what they do best, to continue to care for places we have visited and loved.
The ‘more’ travellers that travel with a geo-touristic mindset the merrier world travel will be. We want to welcome more travellers to join and to take part, either by learning, sharing or giving. All of it takes time (our most valuable possession), and it all adds up.
MORE MAKES MERRY works in the following ways:
  • Firstly, every day, we find the best stories from the best travel bloggers worldwide, which not only provides great content for you, the user, but also provides a wider audience for the bloggers themselves. It’s better hearing stories from road, rather from those just selling tickets.
  • Sharing great content with a wider audience  in turn provides for a more holistic view of world travel from posts from travel bloggers, charities and NGOS.
  • It allows for Charities and NGO’s to share the same map with posts from Travel bloggers. MORE MAKES MERRY allows for an increase in awareness and connectivity.
  • Anyone that uses this site, and plans, searches and books their travel through the menu above generates some basic commission; we then use 100% of it to then help create awareness and aid for NGO’s and charities. (i.e., Marine Megafauna Foundation and The Patt Foundation)
So whether you return here to learn, share, give, or act, one thing is for sure – more makes merry. Anyone can take part, three’s no crowd.
David @ Team MMM