We had a great day out last week – never knew how simple, easy and fun it is swim with Dolphins & Seals. Having never had the opportunity to get in the water with them before it was simply amazing.

Quick video wrap of the day out in Port Phillip Bay Bay below.

Its a simple video but has amazing marine life. Even more reason to save it right?

If you want to volunteer to help save some dolphins there are plenty of ways to do it. The easiest is to sign a petition.

Animals Australia are pretty close to reaching there 35000 signature goal (31k) so why not add yours? HERE

Australia For Dolphins take donations and uses the more to chase down in adequate aquariums to Japanese hunting. HERE

A credit to Sea All Dolphins Swims who took us out, though there are others that do a similar tour, I can’t fault these guys one bit.

Additional Info:

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